10th Annual

August 28-29, 2021
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A festival has been declared in honor of the reign of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Eleanor. The Queen's proclamation has gone out and now loyal subjects, old allies and former enemies alike gather to celebrate. All persons of peaceful Chivalry are welcome at the festival.

Freely wander among her loyal subjects in the Barony of the White Waters encampment. Enjoy the encampment of the visiting nobles from the Kingdom of Shiabruck.

Visit, if you dare, the Brethren of the Great Lakes. They are sometimes commissioned by Her Majesty as privateers against her worst enemies. But at times she wonders if they are entirely loyal.

Finally, watch the proud Norsemen at the Vikings of the Great Lakes encampment as they demonstrate their crafts and skills.

Behind the Scenes
Entertaining History, Inc is a local, 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the exciting task of promoting enjoyment and education of interesting historical periods through reenactments, festivals and fairs.

Renaissance faires are popular all across the country, however there were not many in Indiana; and until 2011, there were none in Northern Indiana. A small group of local Rennies (people who regularly attend such events) wanted to bring the renaissance festival experience to Northern Indiana, and more specifically into their own community, Michiana! Entertaining History Inc. was created and work began in earnest on our first event back in August 2011. That event was so warmly welcomed by our community, we decided to do it again... and again.

Entertaining History works in conjunction with the Parks Department in order to create the exciting and educational event we now enjoy each year.

Krieg Devault
Laderer & Fischer, P.C.
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